Cable Tray Cover

Indmark is one of the most reliable cable tray cover manufacturers in Pune. The cable tray covers and protects the objects inside the framework from daylight, dust, other natural components, flotsam and jetsam, and falling objects. Our cable tray cover products are majorly utilized for indoor and open-air applications. We manufacture the cable tray covers from high-grade materials including aluminum, process stirred steel and galvanized steel.

Our cable tray cover product range is available in various widths and heights including 50 mm – 1200 mm and 50 mm – 150 mm. A variety of cable tray covers are available based on their strength including light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. We offer our cable tray covers with different types of finishes including stainless steel self-finish, mirror finish, aluminum self-finish and anodized with pre-galvanizing.