Earthing Strip Flat

Indmark Manufactures High Performing Earthing Materials. We are Earthing Strip and Earthing Flat Manufacturer and Supplier in Pune. The Earthing Strip Provides You an Alternative Channel to Flow Fault Current So That The Impact Will Not Harm The Equipment. We Manufacture Dimensions and Specifications as Per Our Customer Requirements. We Well Known Company, Also Offer A Galvanized Hot Dip Earthing Materials. Indmark’s Best Quality Galvanized Iron is Used to Manufacture these Flats at Our Plant. Our Earthing Strips are Known for Best Quality Galvanization and Electricity Conductive Attributes Make Them Ideal for Electrical Earthing Equipment. We Provide These G I Earthing Strips for Our Customers at Reasonable Prices. Our Specific Raw Material is Used is Mild Steel and are Available in Various Sizes As Given Below:

  • (20×3)
  • (20×3/6)
  • (30×5/6)
  • (35×5/6) Mm
  • (40×5/6) Mm
  • (50×5/6/8/10) Mm
  • (75×8/10) Mm
  • (100×8/10/12) Mm